The First Thing You See

Hi everyone. I’m Ryan. I’m a developer by trade, philosopher by hobby, and father to two doggies. This site is about me… please excuse any rants, offensive comments, blatant lies or anything else that doesn’t feel right.

Just know that I love you and I’m trying to find relevant stock photos for my site.


Day One

Technically, it’s more like day three. I’ve now built this web stack from scratch (still have some work to do, but you get the idea), secured the server as best as I personally know how, configured a buncha stuff, and fired up a WP blog. Eureka! It works! Now comes the tough part: content.

About Ryan

I’m a developer at WP Engine in Austin, TX and long time WP enthusiast. I love to mentor new developers and help them overcome the hurdles I just went through. The craft is my passion.

I enjoy a nice glass of silver tequila, playing guitar, leaving the windows open all night, and genuinely love people. Dislikes: pants. Down with those, right?! Hah. I’m hilarious.

I used to have an epic beard, then I cut it off.

My. Epic. Beard.Yes, this is a bathroom selfie.

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I have two adorable little gentlemen named Tako and Alex. They’re my little road warriors and do all of my editing. Together we slay some serious netflix.

Alex and Tako
These gentlemen know how to party.

Questions? Comments? Compliments?! Hit me up =]