Day One

Technically, it’s more like day three. I’ve now built this web stack from scratch (still have some work to do, but you get the idea), secured the server as best as I personally know how, configured a buncha stuff, wrote some rudimentary update scripts, backup scripts, and fired up a WP blog. Eureka! It works!

Now comes the tough part: content.


This is the new journey.

So what’s a bachelor in Austin, TX to do? High on my career, low on my expenses, sobriety, and sleep. I suppose that’s where this site comes in. So here I stand at the next precipice in my life. I’m looking at my compass, I think it’s pointing north…ish? Destination: happiness. Ideally, right where it intersects with success, health, and great friends. It’s a terrible intersection to drive through — wouldn’t wish that on anyone! But it’s a pretty good one to just be at.

Anyway, standing here I want nothing more than to declare here and now: this is the new journey. Not the band, just… my journey.

Oh Ryan. So dramatic!

So go ahead and ask (you’re so full of questions! This is exciting! Yes of course I’ll talk more about me!) — what’s the provocation for this? Why are you doing all of this? Great question! I’m glad you asked, friend =]

The last month has been really tough. A very close friend — nay, my brother — just lost his 5 year old son. A friend of mine and amazing WP dev, Jesse Petersen, just lost his fight against cystic fibrosis last week. Work is changing, I’m drinking too much, getting off my ass too little, all the while feeling like I don’t have a moment to myself yet somehow managing to feel, iunno… alone.

Fuck. That got real. Enough of that… what are we going to do about it? That’s right! You’re in this with me now, compadre! =D

Walk The Horizon

Yes yes, I know that's ocean. WALK ANYWAY!

Like most things in life, it’s all about perspective. I’ve always held my head high because I don’t just walk down the street; I walk the horizon. That’s just my personal philosophy… it’s carried me through a lot. It reminds me that wherever I am, there might just be someone looking into the distance and seeing me on the horizon; casting a big shadow, composing rays of light with intent and awe… killin’ it.

I don’t walk down the street. I walk the horizon.

I’ve already made some changes, set a few things in motion (you’re reading one of them now!), and have tuned my attitude for the new course. I’m so ready for this.

Naturally, as the rule of 3’s dictates, here are my goals:

  1. Going sober for 3 months. That means not one drop till October 10th. Tequila may be delicious, but this break just might be long overdue. Just bein’ real.
  2. Talk about the things. With friends or maybe even do it here! Translation: “blog about stuff”. Hooray!
  3. Build stuff. This server, site, side projects, music (I’m a singer/songwriter when nobody’s looking), cook dinner (rather than order it), and maybe a little sweat. You know, the kind you build up when you get off your ass and exercise? Yeah. That kind.

Lay it down, Love it hard

Not every heading is going to be a winner. Don’t care – stickin’ with it. Point is I need a change, so here is to the first steps towards it. Maybe along the way I’ll letcha know how it’s going and share some code, tunes, philosophies… general whimsy and the like.

If you’re the kind of person who reads things like this and thinks “ok, so what now, Ryan? I juuuust wait?” – nahh! I have just the action item for you! Post a comment, hit me up on twitter, send me an email… and just wish me luck or say hi. Doesn’t have to be momentous.


PS – I love you.

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