Set Default Username and Password for your MySQL DB

Tired of always having to enter your username and password to do anything on your mysql database? I would only suggest using this on your local dev box for security purposes, but admittedly, it’s a nice timesaver =]

Warning: this assumes you can vim. If you’d prefer, you can replace any instance of “vim” with “nano”

From the *nix CLI:
vim ~/.my.cnf
If it’s blank, feel free to insert the following (with your user credentials of course!):
user = 'user_name'
password = 'secure_password-moreso_than_that_pls...well...this_is_ok'

Save that puppy and now from your *nix CLI you shouldn’t have to worry about those precious few keystrokes when interacting with mysql anymore… on second thought, if your password looks like that above, use this. It’ll save you buckets of time =\

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